Although nana hated a fuss, she loved What The Food. So it seems appropriate we create a sweet treat in her loving memory. All of her favourite things smooshed into one chocolate bar.


We’ve popped these beautiful bars into a combo special with nanas favourites this week!
2x Doris
1x Fudge Cup
1x Caramel Queen
1x Raspberry Caramel


*gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, vegan*


  • Due to the nature of ingredients, WTF Sweet Treats hold their form best at a refridgerated temperature. All delivieries are sent with a cooler pack and insulation, but be sure to pop them in the fridge/freezer once they've arrived to be safe. 

    Treats will last up to 3 months stored in an air tight container in the freezer.

  • Do you have any specific dietary requirements or severe allergies? If that's a yes please let us know in the 'special requests' box at checkout. 

    Check out our 'Ingredients List' for more details.

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